Ugly supermarket


  1. Have you ever had a look at the poor victims of evil (or plain stupid?) tattooists at
    http://hanzismatter.blogspot.com/ ?

    (But then, I'll never understand how anyone would want something imprinted *forever* on their skin which they can't even read...)

  2. I thought I'd left a comment on this the first time I read it but I guess I didn't because somehow in my world when I think of things I actually believe they have occurred. The power of thought manifesting every thought into actual existence.

    Given how much scary stuff I think of on any given day, it's a wonder I'm not hiding in closets all of the time.

    Anyway . . .

    My son bought a shirt at a store, one of those shirts that has Asian dragon designs all over it with this pretty kanji. He thought it was hilarious because he, able to read Japanese, knew that the characters read "Repeating Pattern." He imagined the people in Japan laughing their asses off at those silly Americans buying the shirts and thinking the kanji said something cool.

    Before I had my tattoo done, I asked him to help me choose the specific kanji because I didn't want some generic one but one that meant well and truly what I meant for it to say. Yes, it is a typical pattern but I chose it consciously so I guess in my rationalizing way it means more.