Vivian works hard on not despairing of the task to finish her degree in chemistry. Constantly trying to give the impression of being busy with her thesis work, sometimes all she can think about is what the heck she’ll do for a living afterwards, her complicated relationships or comics. Secretly, she dreams of being an artist and/or yoga instructor while her domineering left hemisphere tells her such an attempt would only result in her dying as a shabby bummer.

So far, not much is known about Dieter apart from the fact that he’s the fat cat that occasionally pops up to talk to Vi who seems to be the only one who can see him. He’s more of a pessimistic cat with an inclination to melancholia. However, he does try to act as Vi’s adviser whenever she needs him (or whenever he has the impression that she does). He likes sitting on paper and computer keyboards, playing chess and MacGyver.

She is not only one of Vi’s best friends but also often her voice of reason. They are sisters in spirit when it comes to problematic relationships, sex toys and artsy stuff. As a strong believer in equality and individual freedom she’s very involved with political activism and describes herself as a hardcore feminist. She is unemployed, but she’s working hard on her goal of one day becoming a tatoo artist or winning the lottery. Or preferably both.

He is an ambitious assistant at university and Vivian’s colleague. He’s currently working on his PhD and some other smaller projects (for example constantly helping and motivating Vi with whatever problem she is having at the moment – at least as far as it concerns science and classical music). Some say he’s a brain on legs. Vi thinks he looks a bit like Harry Potter.

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