1. Funny but true story. I bought my first vibrator and was unimpressed. I actually thought that it was too much and it felt more abusive than stimulating. A couple of month's later my new boyfriend (at the time new to me anyway) asks me if I have any toys. I mumble something about some stupid useless vibrator that's too intense and he says I should get it out. The first thing he does is turn it on and adjusts the speed.

    "There's a speed control on that thing?"

    I was stunned. He knew more about a woman's vibrator than I did.

    About ten years later, I married him. :)

  2. Very good, E*phi. Enjoyed it!

  3. @Satia: Hehe. Shame on you for perpetuating that cliché about women and technology... even our *own* technology!! ;D I'm known to diligently check the technical details first whenever I intend to buy... something.

    @Elza: Thaaank you! :)