The comic:
This webcomic is mainly about Vivian who is more or less “working” on her diploma thesis in physical chemistry. Probably the only one who understands what she is (not) doing, including herself, is the mysterious fat cat with a susceptibility to depression that seems to be visible only to her.

Due to my own far too stressful university schedule, update frequency may vary quite a bit. Thanks for your understanding.
Criticism, suggestions, advice and/or random absurd comments are very welcome and even encouraged.
"Free and Radical" is absolutely fictional and any similarities to existing individuals or partial overlap with reality are completely accidental and not intended.

The artist:
Lazy bitch that should rather be working on her thesis  than drawing comics.

This is the sequel to FreiesRadikal. Find the very beginning of Vi's story here.  
(Just as unfortunately as mysteriously, most of the picture files there seem broken. I'll probably try to fix them some time.)