You didn't tell me about the closet-lesbian


  1. Firstly, I really think it's a shame that Mimi's facial expression isn't properly resolved here (compared to the original).
    Secondly, of course she clearly won (between the second and third panel). She'd never ever take her eyes from the screen while still fighting.

  2. She is my favourite :o)

  3. Glad you like her! :)

    (As an answer to an earlier comment of yours: I do love the FF series too! Although, I promised myself not to start playing it before I'm done with my thesis. It would just be... detrimental! *g*)

  4. I know what you mean, when I just started university Final Fantasy XII just came out. I finished it this year so it took me 4 years to play it! Good luck resisting it!

    (P.s sorry for invading your comment wall with my geek talk, hehe)

  5. Oh, uuuh, with "it" (in my above comment) I meant FFXIII, of course. ^^

    To be honest, I'm really more worried about the progress of my thesis than the time it'll take me to finish the game... *g* I think the only FF I didn't like (and therefore quit playing before I finished) was FFIX (for some reason I just hated the characters).

    No need to be sorry - geek talk of any kind is more than welcome here! ;D

  6. I have not even brought FFXIII yet, I am hoping someone will buy it for me for christmas or bday.
    That is fun you did not like FFIX it is the first one I actually finished!

    I still have not finished FXVII because I got stuck on disc three and there was no way of leaving the town, and I saved over my last save. :S

    What are you doing your thesis on?